Know-How & Technology

There is a lot of technology in every MFL fibre cement line. This is absolutely necessary to ensure successful and profitable up-to-date fibre cement production. 

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From raw materials to finished products

Know-how regarding production processes starts with the raw materials and the special treatment they require throughout all process steps to the finished fibre cement product.

Our lines are designed according to the latest technologies. Every machine section is technologically optimised and fully integrated into the process.

We will keep at it

MFL co-operates with internationally experienced technologists regarding further development and operation of the plants to ensure that our fibre cement products continue to be state-of the-art. This support is available for our clients even after start-up of the plants. Raw materials and products are constantly optimised to achieve the highest possible quality and output performance level of the production process.

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Support during planning

MFL assists customers right from the beginning of  their projects, e.g. when they choose the perfect process technology or when they need feasibility studies.

If our clients look for overall solutions and complete fibre cement manufacturing plants are required, we can also integrate particular finishing lines such as e.g. paint application or dry cutting plants.