Aircrete Europe and Maschinenfabrik Liezen Faserzementanlagen GesmbH, also known as MFL Fibre Cement, have entered into a strategic cooperation to jointly address the global market for lightweight building solutions. With Aircrete Europe as one of the leading players in the autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) technology and MFL Fibre Cement as one of the leading providers of fibre cement technology, this partnership allows both parties to offer customers a more comprehensive building solution. The cooperation is an answer to the increasing demand from customers worldwide that want to offer both products, as an extension of their product portfolio and, in addition, to capitalize on the potential of both advanced building materials to be jointly applied in a modern prefab building solution. In addition, AAC and fibre cement also share similarities with respect to raw materials and production process.

With these similarities on the production process side, owners of AAC and fibre cement factories can enjoy production efficiencies and at the same time offer an alternative or complementary product to existing customers. For residential applications for example, AAC is very suitable for structural and interior wall applications whereas fibre cement has great decorative and characteristics and can be used in roofing and piping applications as well. In addition, both companies have already initiated an R&D project to develop an integrated AAC/fibre cement building solution to be able to offer a fully-integrated building concept from one single source!

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With Aircrete Europe’s committed and professional team operating from the Netherlands, we look forward to growing the business of light weight building materials globally together through this new partnership.


With decades of experience and sales in over 100 different AAC plants in 20 countries on 6 different continents, Aircrete Europe is the recognized global leading developer and manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) machinery and technology for the production of AAC panels and blocks. We design and deliver the most innovative turn-key AAC plants and cutting-edge plant technology around the world. Being the long-term, exclusive project partner for our customers, we guide you through all the steps of planning, building and operating your AAC factory.